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Heather the dragon rider
• 3/4/2016

An Announcement of a New Project

If you follow me on Twitter, you might've probably seen what I was slapped in the face by last night.

I was having a conversation last night with a Redwall/BJ Fan account on Twitter, when they posted something about the "Cavern Hole Rendering". I've seen it before, and replied back with: "... I've thought about building Redwall Abbey on a program, but that'll be really hard... I'll try after I get freetime"

Next thing I know, Soma games hits me up with a reply. "Let us know. Would love to see what you're working on".

So now I got a new project. I'm going to be finding some source images of Redwall Abbey so I can have a floorplan/blueprint to build it. I'll be dead honest, but I feel its going to be disappointing.

What do you guys think? Would it be cool to post updates if I take this project up?

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Heather the dragon rider
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