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Ox Rookbane
Snowstripe the Fierce
Heather the dragon rider
• 3/17/2016

Story Time!

Share a story that's real or fiction based on a life even or make a scenario based on it.

Here's one of mine:

(Tomorrow is Character Day at my school, where we can dress up as a character from a book/movie/cartoon with a simple donation of a household item. This is what I imagine would happen if I participated)

/* meets friends in hall, dressed as a badger*
Me: G'morin' to you guys :D
Friend A: Tommo noooo! Why do you do this?!
Friend B: Omg i'm so killing you
Friend C: *is laughing so hard face turns purple*
Me: Do you like it?
Friend B: Take the mask off, NOW.
1st Period Teacher: Nice outfit.
Me: *goes to take off mask but instead flabs cheeks* I took it to the next level. Help me.
/*gets dragged away on a cart to a Science Fair, holding a sign that reads "help plz"*
/*teachers and students swarm me to pet me at Science Fair*
/*friends stop by*
Friend C: *still dying of laugher*
Friend B: That's what he gets
Me: i hate you guys *darts out of corner and runs for dear life, students and teachers chasing to pet me*

[First World Problems With Animals In Public]

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Ox Rookbane
Snowstripe the Fierce
Heather the dragon rider
• 3/30/2016

Oh my. Could use some dark wine for such a traumatic experience. *hands you a bottle*. Wait, you're not old enough yet. *swipes it away and tucks it back into jacket.* I seriously do not feel up to the repercussions of giving a minor some wine. 

• 3/30/2016
I'll take Grape Juice.
• 3/30/2016

*sits here, waiting to hear the story eagerly*

• 4/6/2016
  • Suddenly the S*W*A*T* Team crashes through the roof, with Inspector Bullock reading out my rights. 

Bullock: You have the right to remain silent, if you break that silence, anything you say and do can and will be used against you...

Me: Ox, curse you!!!

Ox: *sits there, smiling like a fool*

Heather: *snickers*

Reep: OMG did someone say Snickers?! SNIIIICKERRRRRRRSSSS!!!! *tackles S*W*A*T* team member*

Me: *is freed in process* Thanks, Reep!


E: What's goin' on here?!

Heather: Beats me. 

Reep: Did someone say "Beats me?!" *begins to punch himself until unconscious, with comical x's over his eyes*

• 4/6/2016

Reverse the D and X and you get a dire warning. 


• 4/6/2016
*Lekota and Antonio come from Snow's flanks*
*Ox lets timepiece dangle from paw, smiling*
Ox: Are you in a hurry? Let us help you out...
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