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Ox Rookbane
Heather the dragon rider
• 9/20/2016

Children of the Mace

Okay, let's try this again, properly. We will do the RP on this thread, but to discuss it we will use this thread. How does that sound? :) Now here's a recap, as far as I can peice together:

The harsh winter wind pierced through fur. I remember that from birth, and I do not know why. That day in the winter, my sister and I were born. Not even a season old then, and we shivered.

Today marks the start of winter, and the penetrating winds have returned. I do not feel it. And that's how this story begins. Down at the Mess next to my sister. Our father arrives late as peep at him through the corners of our eyes.

Komet : "Mornin'."

Sunstripe : The old badger sat down at his chair, grumbling under his breath about something or other. 


  • Komet throws a pebble he collected under the table at his father's footpaw* 

Sunstripe: *Sunstripe just shrugs it off*

Komet: *He tosses another one*

Sunstripe: *Sunstripe's eyebrow raises, watching his son throw pebbles*

Komet: *He stops with a feeling of eyes burning into him. When it's clear, he slips another one into his palm and throws it under the table at a hare walking by*

Sunstripe: *The badger chuckles, his midriff heaving*

Komet: Komet whistles and twitches his nose to his sister to indicate something, but she gives him a solemn look, denying him. He stares at his father with no intent but to just stare. 

Sunstripe: He stares back, grinning slightly. 

Komet: His mouth curls into a grin also, as if it was contagious. 

Starflash : *kicks a pebble at Komet's leg* *I finally start to get into it and throw a pebble at Sunstripe*

Komet: *Another pebble is slung, but this misses Sunstripe and hits a hare on the leg* "Hi Starflash, I was thinkin' of pesterin' the ol' windbag to go outside!"

Starflash: "Sure!"

Komet: He turns to his father "Father, can we go outside? Maybe out of this mountain~? Please~?!

Starflash: "Please???"

Sunstripe: "Can't you keep yourselves entertained on the cobbler lawns?"

Komet: "No..."

Starflash: "No.... it's boring. I want to go outside...." 

Sunstripe: The Badger Lord sighed. "Fine. Ardoc, go with them." he said, calling to a haremaid in a red cloak.

Komet: "Ugh... Why does she have to go?"

Starflash: "Yes!!!" she added in a whisper to her brother, "I'm sure we can lose Ardoc..." *she looks at Sunstripe to make sure he didn't hear*

Sunstripe: "Because you need a guide and a guard. You're nobility. High-quality targets to assasination."

Komet: "I thought otherbeasts didn't know I existed for all this time. Whoops, I was wrong!"

Starflash: she rolled her eyes. "I know how to defend myself. I have my fists and I'm very good at boxing, you know."

Sunstripe: "They don't. But now that you're going outside, they do."

Starflash: "We won't let anyone see us, and anyway, who would be out there?" She started toward the exit. "Come on."

Komet: "I'm sure we'll be fine, I guaratee."

(now, on with it!!!!!!!!!!)

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Ox Rookbane
Heather the dragon rider
• 11/25/2016

"Let me go!" *he flails his arms and kicks around* "Please sir! Let me go!"

• 11/26/2016
  • all the other rats laugh*
  • Starflash punches at her captor but can't reach him* Let us go, you cowardly cuttlefish!!!

(Hey Ox, I was gonna draw Starflash, want me to do Komet too? :D)

• 11/26/2016

(If u want to)

"Yeah, let us go you big meanie!" *he flails his arms even more, then gives up and crosses them, spitting at the rat's footpaws.*
• 11/26/2016

(ok :D)

Rat: Hey!! *he smacks Komet across the head with one hard paw*

  • Starflash manages to kick her captor in the nose, but he doesn't let go*
• 11/26/2016
  • he sighs* "I'm sure a swim was better than this..." *he stops struggling and sighs again.*
• 11/27/2016

Leader: Tie 'em up.

  • the rats tie our paws behind our backs with ropes*
• 11/27/2016

"Can you let us go, please sir? We've done nothing to you and we're not cool..."

"Let ya go? Har har har! Ya worth a lot to us, pup!"
• 12/5/2016

((a bump to keep this going. we're getting at the good part people!))

• 12/5/2016


Leader: "Let's take 'em home." *they start to carry us away*

• 12/5/2016
  • The realization of the scene playing out before Komet stuck him stupid. He stared straight ahead to the exit of the forest. His mouth moved as to speak, but it wasn't for awhile until the forest swallowed them up.* "F-father???"
  • they take them back to camp and tie each of the siblings to a tree. Night time arrives*
Leader: "Y'two sit 'ere for the night, and don't even dare ta breathe! Ya 'ear me?"
  • nods*
Leader: "Good. See ya in the morning, stripepups."
  • the leader walks away and to a fire where others in the gang gather, drinking while they laugh away*
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