=== Admins ===

The following is a list of admins that will be elongated eventually:

Admins also must have been active for at least the last three months. Exceptions may be made if a user is truly worthy of this and has proven responsible. And if you ask to be made an admin, we will take it into consideration, but you must remember, as an admin, it is very important you do not abuse your power. Any abuse or complaints of abuse backed up with evidence will result in said admin's power being pulled from him/her, as well as a temporary time out.


This applies to all wikis, but let's just do a review:

  • No use of profanity, which extends to:
  • F word (no terrible synonym for homosexuals 'F word' either)
  • A word
  • D word (darn, drat, etc. are allowed)
  • H word (unless it refers to Hellgates)
  • No G word (unless in replacement for happy, which is not often at all)
  • No N word
  • No R word (I have a nephew with Hydranencephaly, so this is very offensive and hurtful)

And remember, no combinations, and no buts about it. The verdict for using these words is a temporary time out, and a chat ban that will lengthen if you beg for it to be lifted.

  • No cyberbullying of any kind, this will not be tolerated, and you will be permanently banned from chat if someone complains and has evidence against you.
  • You, and you alone are responsible for what goes on with private messages. I myself cannot monitor what goes on, but if any bullying, harassment, or profanity is used and someone complains about it with evidence, there are consequences.
  • No spamming. At all. Invitations to other wikis is tolerated, however, off-topic invitations to other sites that have nothing to do with the subject at hand (Redwall), will be categorized as spamming. Also, please don't send links to youtube videos that don't have anything to do with anything. And our video library should be empty. Because there's hardly any videos that could have much to do with the Badger Rulers of Salamandastron.

And finally, no bending of these rules or finding a loophole. If you do, it's still a breaking of the rules, so you have to be punished. Any questions can be put in the talk page.

Chat Moderators