Bloodwrath is a mental condition that is a common characteristic with badgers, but is not limited exclusively to the species. It causes the victim to be afflicted to go berserk with anger for a short period of time. The effects of this causes him/her to cause fantastical damage and withstand immense, almost unrealistic amounts of damage. Though it appears to be an advantage, it is usually connoted with a terrible and dangerous affliction. Among the effects, seeing red and the inability to define friend or foe may occur. Badgers, when reaching their greatest enemy, tend to crush them, rather than simply slaying them.

It is very challenging and hard to control Bloodwrath, as it requires an inordinate amount of willpower and personal strength. Only Gorath the Flame has learned to control his Bloodwrath.

Almost all major Badger Rulers are known to be affected by Bloodwrath, spare Russano the Wise, Hightor, Mandoral Highpeak, and Violet Wildstripe. However, the determination of if these listed Badger Lords being affiliated by Bloodwrath were not mention extensively, and it could be possible that they have suffered from Bloodwrath from one time or another.