The Brock Cete was a very famous and ancient cete of badgers, outdating Salamandastron's discovery and the founding of the order of Brockhall and siring the likes of Lord Brocktree and Sunflash the Mace. Having been presumably founded by Lady Sable Brock prior to her discovery/founding of Brockhall, the Brock cete was very influential in the modernization and social advancement of Salamandastron, as well as the inevitable downfall of many tyrants both to the east and across the sea, including: the Greeneyes Dynasty, Cluny the Scourge, Gabool the Wild's empire, and the Felis Dynasty, under Riggu, Kaltag, and Pitru.


The Brock cete was founded at an unknown time in what has been narrowed down to two locations: either Brockhall or Salamandastron.