Lord Brocktree was a male badger, or brock, the son of Lord Stonepaw, father to Lord Boar the Fighter, grandfather to Bella of Brockhall, great-grandfather to Sunflash the Mace, great-great-great-grandfather to Rawnblade Widestripe, and a descendant of Lady Sable Brock. He was widely considered to be the first modern Badger Lord, as he founded the Long Patrol and brought and end to the Pre-Brocktree Period. He was one of the most famous of the Brock cete.

Brocktree was born to his father Stonepaw in Salamandastron to the famous Brock cete, which was known for making their home in the colossal hollowed out oak tree that was Brockhall. When he came of age, he left Salamandastron to make a home for himself in Mossflower Woods. This was mainly due to the arguments he and his father had in Salamandastron, coining the famous saying, "you can never have two full-grown male badgers living in the same house". he came across Salamandastron, and started a family, taking a mate and siring a son, named Boar. However, as Boar grew older, the two began to fight and become more and more violent near each other, so, instead of forcing Boar to leave, Brocktree left instead. He journeyed to the mountain of Salamandastron, hoping to succeed his father as the effective Badger Ruler of the Mountain.

When he arrived, however, he saw that the wildcat tyrant Ungatt Trunn and his Blue Hordes had captured the mountain, claiming it as their own.

Members of the Brock Cete(VE)

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