Cregga Rose Eyes got her name because she was strongly affected by the Bloodwrath, which tinged her eyes a perpetual pink, hence her name. This earned her the titles of "Wild-eyed Warrior Queen" and "Belle of the Bloodwrath".

As a powerful Badger Lady, Cregga commanded a very strong Long Patrol that was over a thousand hares in number. Though her mood was unpredictable and her temper flared randomly, she was greatly respected and loved. A skilled forgebeast, she made her weapon herself, a fearsome pike with an axehead on one side and a sharpened hook on the other.

As the sworn enemy of all Rapscallions, Cregga eventually killed the Greatrat leader Damug Warfang at the Battle of the Ridge of a Thousand. However, in the process Warfang blinded her.

Russano the Wise served as her eyes when he was a babe until he grew old enough to take her place as Lord of Salamandastron. Later on, she served as Redwall Abbey's Badger Mother for quite some time. She lived through a span of three books, and is thought to have been the longest serving Badger Mother to date. She has also been known to have been the only badger, or any beast entirely, to have rejected the chance to become Abbot or Abbess.