• Snowstripe's F.R.O.S.T. Division: "We'll show 'em a truffle!" or "Trufflin', scufflin', what's th' bally diff?"
  • Ox Rookbane's Justicers: "Our answer either is a nod or Objection!"



Also known as the War of the Six, Rookbane's Uprising, Snowstripe's Massacre, and the First Flame War, the Great Flame War of 2016 was an all-out rage war between the six administrative factions for overall dominance of the Wikia Kingdom of Brockhelm. The war found its origins when Ox Rookbane rose to power in the Kingdom Order of Dominance, which enraged then-Badger Ruler Snowstripe the Fierce, who sent his F.R.O.S.T. Division at Rookbane's army outside Salamandastron. The other badger then defended his and his son's honor, fighting back, while the searat Evilfang sent his fleet towards Salamandastron in an attempt to conquer it. However, it can be assumed that Evilfang's fleet was either sunk by the waves or was sent far off course, as they never did reach Salamandastron. Rookbane's army attacked Salamandastron, with Snowstripe counter-attacking. The two were evidently evenly matched, with heavy casualties on both sides. One mouse, Squishy, recalls:

"Never, since the Jiffy-Pop Rebellion, has there been such tearshed. Save this time, there will be no popcorn to discuss an armistice treaty over, no gaga-ball to play on Christmas Eve... no, there'll be none of that. This time, there's just going to be flames. And nachos. Lots and lots of nachos."

- Squishy the Mouse, Astronian refugee, on the war

Finally, on February 20, 2016, the war ended with the signing of an Armistice and Ceasefire. Rookbane's forces were moved from Salamandastron to the Western Plains, and two copies were signed, and each side kept one.


The Great Flame War of 2016 was a very important event in the Badger Rulers of Salamandastron Wiki history, and no one has forgotten it. To this day, the Flame War is a distant reminder of just how far people will go to defend their honor after an office party.