Haerta the Fearsome was the Daughter of Nanna and an Unknown Male Badger. She lived with her Younger Brother until the two where forced to leave their home. Haerta ended up travelling to Salamandastron, where she served as Badger Lady for a period of time. Her weapon was a War Hammer; though could fare well with any melee weapon.

Haerta lived with her aunt and uncle in her youth; her mother Nanna abandoning her and her Younger Brother, Rasmus. Being the delinquent Haerta was, she was kicked out of her home at the age of Eighteen Seasons; due to her drinking habits, her gruff nature, and overall trouble making. Rasmus joined her later on, and the two became a fearsome duo, and even joined a travelling circus at some point.

Rasmus soon died afterwards, due to a fever he contracted. Suddenly depressed and Lonely, Haerta lost the purpose of the Circus, and adequately left her friends behind. She then traveled alone; forging her strength and skills as she saw fit. This was also the time she received her War Hammer; an old thing, abandoned and left to rust in a raspberry bush.