Lekota By SaynaSLuke

Fanon Information

Lekota is the son of Ox Rookbane and Victoria, twin brother of Kenai Rookbane, and best friend of Felix.

At a very young age, Lekota was taken by his mother to Redwall Abbey where he would be raised. Growing up and sixteen seasons old, Lekota took a daring trip to venture to Salamandastron after being hidden from his brother and father. On the way he picked up Felix the otter and the two friends traveled together.

Arriving and learning of the death of his brother and the conflux of multiple timelines from his father, he forged the claymore Rookbane with the help of badger Lords from different timelines and embarked on a quest to retrieve a vital piece to fix time.

Setting out with Sergeant Bridges and Felix, they met Nog who gave them assistance. Brandil who ventured out joined the trio. They arrived at Redwall to be berated by Victoria and managed to pass along to find clues.

Heading back, Lekota found the cave they've been looking for and was confronted by a figure later identified as Antonio Wright. Given the cog by him and earning his armor, they ventured back to Salamandastron. Indirectly poisoning himself and being captured, the captors took him to Redwall where he was later freed by his friends. Slaughtering under his intense Bloodwrath, he later revealed himself to Redwall as such and then later ran off to find the last survivor of the incursion, Zarix.

On the way another timeline merged. Lekota dueled Rawnblade Widestripe in Mossflower Woods and was victorious. Earning new friends he arrived to Salamandastron and killed Zarix.

He is now the father to four children: Oxford, Petra, Ferin, and Lilac. Husband to Ambrook.

Lekota Rookbane is appears in Light in The Dark and Conflux of Time.