Beside a Fire Sharpen an' shine, sharpen an' shine...

This page is a part of Project Sharpen and Shine. You can help Badger Rulers of Salamandastron Wikia by reading this through and helping us out.

Project Sharpen and Shine is the current name for the cleanup effort now being implemented all across the Badger Rulers of Salamandastron Wiki. This page will serve as an introduction to the idea and what you as a user can do to assist the effort.


When this Wiki first started out, a page was made to list all of the needed pages on the Wiki. Since, virtually every needed page has been created and added to, and they all exist on the network.

However, existing and complete are two completely different words. All of these pages exist, yes, but it is doubtful that all of them are complete and have fulfilled their potential.

Thus, this project was born: a project existing solely to add as much information as possible to needed pages, make pages, make templates, and overall make this Wikia the ideal information hub it was always meant to be.


  • Every single active registered user on the Wiki is expected to participate and contribute.
  • Every participating user must take on a single page at a time to ensure that the page is complete once they are done.
  • All new templates must be approved by the administration before they are activated.

Aspects of this Project

  • Basic Information - This is pretty straight-forward, although the most important; information about a character or object to the best of your ability.
  • New Categories - This is not as necessary as Basic Information, but it is important. Some articles need new categories to be added to them.
  • Templates - This is equally as important as Basic Information, but is going to be a bit tricky. A tutorial on templates will be made eventually.