Russano the Wise was a Badger Lord of Salamandastron. He was an orphan early in his life when vermin killed his caretakers. Raised by Cregga Rose Eyes early in life, he acted as her eyes in his Dibbunhood.

He always dressed simply, a woven tabard and belt with a simple hardwood stick tucked into it. He inherited both the stick and his name from a brave squirrel who gave her life for him as a baby, Russa Nodrey. He was a strong warrior, rarely afflicted by the Bloodwrath, but capable of it.

Russano's family consisted of his wife, Lady Rosalaun, their son, Snowstripe the Fierce, and their daughter, Melanius. Russano also wrote the history of Lord Brocktree and read it to his son, daughter, and wife, along with other woodlanders.