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Skull Session

This is a skull session. Your opinion matters, and we'd very much appreciate your voicing of it, but be sure to follow the rules, have some basic ethics, and remember the four C's: Courteous, Careful, Calm, and Collected. That being said, today's topic of discussion is a change in infobox for our community.

How This Works

In discussions, your opinion matters, but, you must remember that all opinions are equal. This is how you voice your opinion:

1. Go into source mode.

2. Add an asterisk (*) to the bullet points.

2. Put in either a Red-Turnip-icon or a Cross-swords to sum up your point of view on the topic. The former betrays approval, and the latter disapproval. Basically 'aye' and 'nay'.

3. Give a brief message (1-paragraph limit) that stats why you take your stance and your suggestions.

4. Put in your signature, preferably a small one, so that it doesn't break up the text.

5. Exit source mode and click "save". Be sure to sum up your edit by typing in "gave turnip" or "crossed swords", depending on your answer.

You may use any one of these images to state your opinion:

  • Red-Turnip-icon - For
  • Cross-swords - Against
  • Lemon-icon - Against
  • Neutrality-vote - Neutral


Since the release of the new "editor infobox" onto the community, it has appeared to the Higher Administration that our community would be more recognizable if it had its own infobox to use, separate from the most recent Infobox Markup. Of course, this would mean that said unique infobox would lose its portability, and with that extra hassle and work for those who make them. However, this decision will have the most impact upon users and us as a community.

Thus, this skull session was called.
Your Choices
Your choices are to either vote in support of our current, portable one, or to vote for a new, more unique, infobox. The choice is yours.


Please add an asterisk to the list, and sum up your stance with either a vote of support, disdain, or neutrality. You may also give a brief sentence or two to further make your point known. Afterword, please place your signature to signify your statement's completion. Thank you.